Treasures Worth up to Billion of Euros Stolen from Museum in Eastern Germany – Reports


According to Bild newspaper, the Green Vault in the city of Dresden was raided in the early hours of Monday by a gang of burglars.

Several items of antique jewelry with an combined value estimated at nearly a billion euros have been stolen from the Green Vault, a historic museum in Dresden, Germany that contains the largest collection of treasures in Europe, Bild newspaper reported.

The museum was raided by a group of thieves early this morning, the paper reported. Reports indicate that the burglars shut off the power supply to the museum before breaking in. A fire has also been reported on a bridge near the museum that is believed to have been caused by the power failure.

Dozens of police vehicles have arrived at the scene in the centre of Dresden. The police haven’t commented so far regarding the incident.

A surveillance camera is said to have recorded a video of the culprits. Bild reports that several conspicuous people were visible in a video.



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