Geopolitics drives Western media’s attack on China’s governance in Xinjiang


People dance at a square during a culture and tourism festival themed on Dolan and Qiuci culture in Awat County of Aksu Prefecture, Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on October 25. The festival kicked off recently in Aksu Prefecture. Phont:Xinhua, BBC and several other Western media outlets claimed to have seen the “leaked documents” on Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and slandered vocational education and training centers there. For quite some time, the centers have been the target of certain Western media to attack China’s human rights record, and they are probably going to create more “leak” in order to keep up the heat.

Attacking China on human rights is what the US and Western public opinion institutions are good at. This is not because their accusations are correct, but because they can use their ridiculous rhetoric to instigate the Western public against China. The US and Western media do not actually care about whether doing so benefits China’s human rights development. What they want is to drive a wedge between China and Western public opinion by presenting a distorted description of China’s situation, especially the condition of Xinjiang vocational education and training centers.

Western elites who have been attacking China’s human rights record always evade very basic questions. For example, China’s political system has greatly promoted economic development. Better living conditions and increased modernization in metropolitan areas, aren’t those the development of human rights? Western media neglect all of these and just take the side of a few dissidents, always attacking China for the same thing.

On Xinjiang, they cannot face up to one question: Is having a safe and peaceful living environment a prerequisite for human rights? Xinjiang suffered terrorist attacks for quite a long time, and the situation had almost gone out of control. Wouldn’t opening vocational education and training centers be a much more peaceful way to restore stability than going through a war like that in Chechnya?

China and the West have different standpoints on the issue of Xinjiang. What China really wants is to bring peaceful life back to the people there, and this is what real human rights are about. The reason the West likes to get involved in this issue is to a large extent out of hypocrisy. The West’s intention of heating up the issue of Xinjiang is purely driven by geopolitics.

Chinese people do not need to be upset by the nonsense Western elites dish out. The world is complicated, and most importantly, China’s detractors cannot have any real impact on the issue of Xinjiang. Their attacks may seem bustling, but actually turn out to be a bunch of bubbles.

First, they cannot have any impact on governance in Xinjiang. It has been three years since Xinjiang last saw a terror attack. Today’s Xinjiang is on its way to rapid recovery, and its booming tourism is the best evidence. Western media blast China nonstop, but they cannot have any actual influence on Xinjiang. They just cannot do anything about it.

Besides, even with all these efforts that Western media put into, most countries do not follow them at all. Many Muslim countries publicly support China, backing China’s policy in Xinjiang. The whole “leaked documents” drama shows how unwilling Western media outlets are to accept their failure in attacking China.

Western media outlets take themselves too seriously to even regard their own voices as an expression of the entire world. All they do is just repost among themselves and asking some NGOs, which have been manipulated by certain intelligence agencies to create a circus. All their tricks have been exposed.

Xinjiang has been free of the haze of terrorism and extremism. The people in Xinjiang are on their way to a safer and more peaceful life. No one can speak for the people of Xinjiang. They are enjoying the same rights as other places in China. The future of Xinjiang is in their own hands.


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