Armenia ranked 61st in Legatum Prosperity Index – 2019 – 27 notches up than previous result


YEREVAN, November 28. /ARKA/. Armenia is ranked 61st among 167 countries in Legatum Prosperity Index – 2019. This means that it has upgraded its previous rank by 27 notches.

The Prosperity Index points out the conditions required for prosperity: Economic Quality, Investment Environment, Market Access, Governance, Personal Freedom, Social Capital, Safety and Security, Education, Health, Living Conditions and the Natural Environment.

Armenia got its highest index in the Legatum Prosperity Index – 2019 in the categories Education and Investment Environment – it came 51st and 56th here respectively. Relatively high results is recorded also in the category Business Environment – 60th and in the categories Market Access and Health – 67th.

Armenia is 75th in the category Safety and Security as well as in the categories Governance and Capital, 79th in the category Living Conditions, 83rd in the category Personal Freedom and 91st in the category Economic Quality. The country’s lowest indicator is in the category Natural Environment – 108th.

Among the former Soviet republics, Armenia is left only behind Estonia (21st), Lithuania (33rd), Latvia (35th) and Georgia (53rd), but instead it has outdone Kazakhstan, (68), Belarus (73), Russia (74), Moldova (81), Kyrgyzstan (88), Azerbaijan (92), Uzbekistan (103), Turkmenistan (108) and Tajikistan (114). Ukraine came 96th in the ranking.

Armenia’s neighbors in the ranking are Oman (60) and Kuwait (62). In the region, Turkey is ranked 91st and Iran 119th.

The ranking is topped by Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and Finland. South Sudan, Yemen, Central African Republic, Chad and Afghanistan are singled out for the worst ranks.


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