Aoun Promises Measures that Will ‘Satisfy All Lebanese’


President Michel Aoun on Monday noted that the protest movement that has been sweeping the country since Oct. 17 has “breached a lot of (sectarian) protectorates and eliminated a lot of red lines.”

“In the coming period, you will witness things that will satisfy you and all Lebanese,” Aoun told a delegation from the Beirut Bar Association led by its newly-elected chief Melhem Khalaf – a prominent civil society figure who is backed by the protest movement.

“We are not only being impeded by the corrupts who are in power, or those of them who were in power, because this has become familiar, but we are also being impeded by the protection they are receiving from society,” the president added.

Lamenting that “a large number of laws are not being implemented, including some that have been in place since 1943,” Aoun called for prosecuting those who “talk negatively about the national currency.”



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