China is second biggest importer of Armenian wine


YEREVAN, December 3. /ARKA/. China is the second biggest importer of Armenian wine, Zaruhi Muradyan, executive director of the Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia, said Tuesday at a news conference. In her words, 280,000 liters of wine have been exported from Armenia to China since the beginning of this year. She said that in China fruit wine is more popular than grape wine.

Zaruhi Muradyan said that this is the third year Armenia offers its wine at the Chinese market. This year the Chinese market is second after Russian. She also said that Armenian wine has entered markets of Canada, Vietnam and Poland as well, and it is planned to start exporting it also to New York and Washington. “Armenia has managed to enter the Canadian market with four varieties of wine, despite of the difficulties connected with market control,” Muradyan said.

In her words, Armenian wine this year was widely presented at various exhibitions in Russia, China, Canada, Germany and Poland. She finds it necessary to work intensively to retain niches at world markets.

Muradyan said that Armenia can’t compete with many countries with its wine volumes, an therefore it should put special emphasis on the wine quality. “This year we worked with wine companies, we helped them improve the quality of wine and present it on many international platforms,” she said.

She also said that the Vine and Wine Foundation has done a good job to enhance the recognition of Armenian wine in the world, since some varieties of Armenian wine are introduced on various international platforms as Azerbaijani or Georgian.


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