Presidency Schedules PM Consultations for Monday


The Presidency on Wednesday announced that the binding parliamentary consultations to name a PM-designate will be held on Monday.

A statement issued by the Presidency said the consultations will begin at 10:30 am.

Saad Hariri had tendered his government’s resignation on October 29, bowing to pressure from massive and unprecedented popular protests that erupted on October 17.

President Michel Aoun refrained from calling for immediate consultations to name a replacement, arguing that prior consensus was needed on the shape of the new government amid the extraordinary situations in the country.

Protesters had demanded the formation of an independent technocrat government but media reports have said that the ruling political forces have agreed to form a techno-political cabinet led by prominent contractor Samir Khatib.

Quoting Hizbullah and AMAL Movement sources, MTV reported Wednesday that a final agreement has been reached on Khatib’s nomination.

The sources added that they are “very optimistic,” saying that the new government could be formed “before Christmas” and that “only the distribution of some portfolios remains pending.”


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