Raad Says Economic Situation More Pressing than Govt. Formation


Finding solutions to the dire economic and financial crisis is more pressing than forming a new government, the head of Hizbullah’s parliamentary bloc said on Monday.

“The government will be eventually formed, but we did not believe for a moment that things would go well nor that Samir Khatib was the one who would be nominated,” Raad said in a speech in the West Bekaa town of Suhmor.

“At best, they were going to allow him to be designated before stepping down after failing to form a government and then (Saad) Hariri would have been designated. They did not allow him to reach the post and they kept him until the eve of the consultations and now we are before a new situation,” Raad added.

He added: “By my estimation, we will ultimately find a solution for the issue of the government. It might take one or two months but we will find a solution. The problem is not in the formation or the non-formation of the government, but rather in the economic situation.”

“What should we do with the economic situation that is affecting the people? What should we do regarding the dollar exchange rate that has changed?”

Raad added: “Despite being close to people, because we belong to them, but do not believe anyone who tells you that we can replace the state. The state is the side that should address the economic situation with all its representatives who represent all Lebanese components.”

Stressing that Hizbullah will not accept to “discuss preconditions that harm the country’s sovereignty,” the lawmaker said his party is willing to “offer concessions” regarding the formation of the government but “not at the expense of national dignity and sovereignty.”

Source Naharnet


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