Bassil Says FPM Won’t Join Techno-Political Govt., Urges Technocrat PM, Ministers


Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil on Thursday announced that the FPM will not take part in any techno-political government, calling for a government led by a technocrat and comprising technocrat ministers.

“Should (caretaker) PM (Saad) Hariri insist on the ‘me or no one else’ equation and should Hizbullah and AMAL (Movement) insist on their approach on facing external threats through a techno-political cabinet led by Hariri, we in the FPM and the Strong Lebanon bloc are not interested in taking part in such a government, because it will be doomed to fail,” Bassil said after a meeting for the Strong Lebanon bloc.

“We certainly do not allow a breach of the National Pact or the bypassing of real representation, that’s why we would give our seats to the protest movement, if it wants so, or to trustable figures if it does not want to take part,” Bassil added.

“We won’t take part and we won’t incite (against such a government), but we will form a strong opposition against the current financial, economic and monetary policies, and we will resist the corruption network that has been in place for 30 years, which some want to maintain through replicating the same government,” the FPM chief went on to say.

Addressing partners keen on the FPM’s presence in the government, Bassil called on them to return to “our main proposal which was rejected,” calling on all parties to “reevaluate their stance.”

Stressing that the solution is “the formation of an effective salvation government, a government of experts whose head and members would be competent, upright and eligible experts capable of regaining people’s confidence and addressing all files.”

Bassil added that such a premier and ministers should be “backed by the political forces and parliamentary blocs.”

“I’m fully confident that, at the current stage, such a government is the only serious chance for salvation and preventing collapse, and in our opinion this issue deserves sacrifices,” he went on to say.

Hariri has said he would only return as premier if it was to head a government of technocrats. But Bassil on Thursday rejected such a solution that would see Hariri as the only survivor of the last cabinet.

“It’s as if he were the only one not responsible for the (economic) collapse and not accused of corruption,” Bassil said.



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