‘Calm down & fix your attitude!’ Chinese FM says US worldview has become dangerously irrational


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged his American counterparts to “calm down” and adopt a “rational” approach to diplomacy with Beijing, amid efforts to resolve the ongoing trade row between the two countries.

Wang took aim at the US’ policies at an event in Beijing on Friday, stating they have only served to damage “hard-won trust” and “vilify” China, calling on Washington to “correct its worldview.”

“Deep-seated issues” continue to challenge the US-China relationship that must be addressed, Wang said, adding that the American outlook toward both China and the world has gone “astray.”

American lawmakers have passed a number of bills targeting China in recent months, including a Hong Kong “human rights and democracy” act, as well as a bill condemning alleged rights abuses in China’s Xinjiang Province, both of which threaten to impose sanctions on Beijing. Chinese officials responded harshly to both acts, slamming them as attempts to meddle in China’s internal affairs.

As the two sides work to resolve a trade spat that has seen billions in tariffs slapped on goods from both countries, media reports on Thursday said US President Donald Trump had approved a “phase one” deal with Beijing to hold off a new round of American levies set to take effect later this week, but the White House has yet to confirm the sign-off.



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