Police intervene in protest against gender-based violence in Turkish capital


Turkish police on Thursday intervened in a demonstration in the capital of Ankara organised by women organisations against gender-based violence and detained 10 protestors, Bianet reported.

The protest, where women sang their rendition of the song “A rapist in your path” by the Chilean feminist group Las Tesis, was inspired by a demonstration against sexual violence in Chile last month that has gained popularity around the world.

Police on Dec. 9 dispersed a similar protest in Istanbul by using pepper spray and detained several women who were later released.

The killing of Emine Bulut, who was stabbed by her ex-husband in front of their daughter and the murder of a 20-year-old university student, who was stabbed to death by an escaped convict earlier this month in northern Turkey, has sparked a public outcry and brought greater attention to the issue of femicide.

Some 403 women have been murdered by men in Turkey since the start of the year, according to femicide watchdog Anıt Sayaç by We Will Stop Femicides Platform.

Turkey in 2011 became the first country to sign and ratify a Council of Europe convention on preventing domestic violence, but gender-based violence remains a widespread problem in Turkey.



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