Presidency: Binding Consultations Postponed at Hariri’s Request


by Naharnet Newsdesk

The anticipated binding parliamentary consultations to name a new Premier have been postponed until December 19 for “further consultations on the government,” after violent clashes erupted over the weekend between protesters and security forces.

The Presidency office of President Michel Aoun issued a statement shortly before the consultations begin at Baabda Palace saying that “President Aoun responded to the wishes of (caretaker) prime minister Saad Hariri to postpone parliamentary consultations until Thursday December 19.”

TV networks said that only 57 lawmakers were to vote in favor of Hariri out of 127 members of parliament. The number of votes would not qualify Hariri to lead the new government.

The government stepped down on October 29 in the face of unprecedented nationwide protests, but bitterly divided political parties have failed to agree on a new premier ever since.



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