Former Likud MK Benny Begin calls for Benjamin Netanyahu to resign


Former Likud MK Benny Begin told Army Radio that Benjamin Netanyahu “cannot be prime minister.”


Former Likud MK Benny Begin called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign in an interview with Army Radio.

“It is not possible to accept a situation where a prime minister is serving with an indictment. The legal question is not the only one, there is an educational and moral aspect,” Begin told Army Radio. He then added “[Netanyahu] cannot be prime minister.”

Begin then said that Netanyahu’s intentions were not hidden and blamed the last elections on the prime minister’s refusal to return the mandate to President Reuven Rivlin in May.

Netanyahu was indicted on November 22, just before the December 11 deadline to form a coalition. Blue and White leader Benny Gantz was given the mandate after Netanyahu returned it to Rivlin in October, following Israel’s second election.

On December 12, after an 8-month-long political deadlock and multiple failed attempts by both Netanyahu and Gantz to form collations, Knesset passed a bill that scheduled Israel’s third Election Day for March 2.

The Jerusalem Post


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