‎Report: Army Chief Cautions of ‘Revolution of the Hungry’


by Naharnet Newsdesk

Army chief General Joseph Aoun reportedly warned many Lebanese officials of the “revolution of the hungry,” saying the military can not do much to prevent the “genuinely poor class” when they take to the streets in protest at dire economic conditions, media reports said Wednesday.

Media reports attributed remarks to Aoun as saying that the military has been able to absorb and control systematic or spontaneous attempts to destabilize security, but that politicians do not have the luxury of time because living conditions in the country warn of more dangerous scenarios.

Officials have not yet reached consensus on a new prime minister as Lebanon grapples with an economic crisis unprecedented in its history.

According to informed sources, the army chief was clear and determined to prevent any attempts tampering with security by some parties making “street” moves, but he was clear in warning of the real consequences shall the genuinely “poor class” go out into the street because of the economic collapse.

Warning of the “revolution of the hungry,” he reportedly said the army will not be able to maintain stability or carry out its tasks because it “will not confront the poor” in the streets.

Aoun sounded the alarm to more than one political official by saying, “beware the revolution of the hungry.”

SourceNaharnetAgence France Presse


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