‘The End of India’: Imran Khan Quotes Prophetic Words to Slam New Delhi’s New Citizenship Law


New Delhi (Sputnik): India’s new citizenship law has, for all wrong reasons, dented its image globally. The enactment of the new law to grant citizenship to non-Muslims from three neighbouring Islamic countries has triggered nationwide protests by those calling it discriminatory and claiming that it violates the country’s Constitution.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan quoted a celebrated Indian author-journalist, Kushwant Singh, to slam New Delhi’s decision. The excerpt from Singh’s book ‘The End of India’ took on prophetic overtones in the current context; it reads “Every fascist regime needs communities and groups it can demonise in order to thrive. It starts with one group or two. But it never ends there. A movement built on hate can only sustain itself by continually creating fear and strife.”

​Pakistan had been very critical and in a combative mood over New Delhi’s decision to strip the special status of the former state of Jammu and Kashmir. Khan had also criticised India over its new citizenship law at the Global Forum on Refugees in Geneva on Tuesday (17 December).

Indian Cricket Board Chief’s Daughter Shares Same Post, Gets Hailed by Twitterati

The same excerpt posted on social media by Sana Ganguly, daughter of Indian cricketer and chief of the national board of cricket, BCCI Saurav Ganguly, has also gone viral. Sana in her Instagram post expressed anguish over the new law and endorsed her support to university students in India, who were targets of police brutality. After her post went viral, father Ganguly came out to request that his daughter be kept out of politics.

​While netizens are all praises about Sana, they are slamming the BCCI president for not speaking up against the violence against students or the Citizenship Amendment Act and now is stopping her daughter from voicing her opinion about the legislation.

​The amended citizenship law (Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019), enacted by India, grants citizenship to illegal immigrants from six religious minorities living in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan – Hindus, Parsis, Jains, Christians, Buddhists, and Sikhs. However, it excludes Muslims, from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, if they arrived in India prior to 2015.



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