Museum exiled geese to ancient site after one of them bit a visiting kid


When the administration of Antalya Museum began to feed geese in its garden for security to take advantage of their gaggle response to strangers and for natural visualization, they couldn’t even guess what they would face.

However, the good times were replaced by a bureaucratic crisis between the museum and the Culture and Tourism Ministry, as a result of an unfortunate incident: One of the geese chased a visiting kid in the museum and then bit him on his hip and leg.

Although the incident was resolved in the museum, the kid’s family filed a complaint with the ministry.

Considering what to do with the geese which are registered in the museum’s inventory, the museum administration found a solution to send all the geese to the ancient city of Perge, 20 kilometers away from the museum.

‘Seven exiled geese of Perge’

The geese bid farewell to Antalya Museum from a special vehicle in which they were whisked away to a special area closed to visitors in Perge.

“We used the geese in the garden of the museum as a watchdog and for visual reasons,” an employee from Antalya Museum told Hürriyet.

“When a kid of a familiy visiting the museum disturbed the geese, one of them bit him, and the issue went to Ankara,” he said.

“The only thing to do was to send the geese from the museum, so we sent them to Perge. Now, we call them exiled geese of Perge,” he added.


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