Turkish parliament commission approves return of public sector security checks


An omnibus bill that includes compulsory security checks for all recruits to public institutions was approved at Turkish parliament’s planning and budget committee after Turkey’s highest court ruled in favour of removing the obligation from the law in November, Sendika.org news site reported.

Following the coup attempt in 2016, an amendment was made that required potential employees to pass security checks and archive investigation without detailing how the processes would be carried out.

Turkey’s Constitutional Court on Nov. 29 passed a ruling demanding the removal of the compulsory security checks after over 100 lawmakers from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) applied to cancel the law, saying it violated basic rights and freedoms.

The compulsory security check requirement was added to the omnibus bill once again, though this time the legislation includes details of how the process will be conducted, Sendika.org said.

The security checks and archive research will be carried out by officials from Turkish intelligence, the security general directorate and local authorities. The reports they present will be examined by commissions which will be formed especially for the process, according to the news site.



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