Australia fires live: NSW and SA count cost of bushfires after Balmoral and Cudlee Creek devastation – latest


Cudlee Creek fire revealed to have destroyed 86 homes in South Australia while 100 more estimated lost in New South Wales as residents wait to discover extent of devastation from weekend’s fires. Follow the latest news and updates

A home and car destroyed by bushfires at Balmoral, in the NSW southern highlands. About 100 homes in the state are estimated to have been lost to fire over the weekend. Follow live news and latest updates on the NSW and SA fires. Photograph: Mick Tsikas/AAP

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A “watch and act” warning remained in place for the Adelaide Hills fire, with the CFS worried about increasing temperatures in the coming days.

By the weekend, the mercury will again be nudging 40C, raising fire-risk fears.

Fires are also still burning on Kangaroo Island, where one home has been confirmed lost.

Assessment teams were still checking on other properties.

So far about 40,000ha have been burnt across the state, including 25,000ha in the Adelaide Hills.

One person, 69-year-old Ron Selth, died in that fire as he tried to defend his property at Charleston.

Three more remain in hospital with burns, including noted horse trainer John Glatz, who is in a critical but stable condition.

Updated at 6.06am GMT

Country Fire Service crews have worked to contain flare-ups across the Adelaide Hills as the losses from the devastating bushfire mount and deteriorating weather conditions loom.

Small areas still burning within the fire’s 127km perimeter roared back into life on Monday but were dealt with quickly, the CFS still having about 200 firefighters on the ground, AAP reports.

The incidents came as the losses from the blaze continued to rise, with 86 homes now confirmed destroyed, along with almost 500 other buildings.

The number of vehicles lost had jumped to 278.

Agricultural losses are also growing, with about 1100ha of vineyards thought destroyed or damaged, equal to about a third of the area’s grape production, while cherry farmers were hard hit.

Premier Steven Marshall visited the fireground on Monday and said there was still much work to be done to fully contain the fire and to help the victims and wider communities.

NSW Fires: Families evacuated from the village of Balmoral have been taken back there by bus this afternoon, to see whether their homes survived. @amberlaidler7 #NSWFires #Balmoral #7NEWS

Western Australia’s firefighting aerial fleet has dropped 8.9m litres of water so far this bushfire season, which is more than half the water used for the entirety of 2018-19.

The recent Yanchep bushfire alone accounted for about 4.7m litres of water, emergency services minister Francis Logan said.

It is also the driest start to the southern season in more than 40 years, AAP reports.

The Georgia Peach aircrane, which has been fighting fires in Greece, arrived in Perth on Monday.

WA’s aerial fleet now consists of 33 rotary and fixed-wing suppression and aerial intelligence aircraft.

The federal government has announced it will underwrite two new gas-fired power stations, with Scott Morrison saying it may still greenlight coal-fired generation for Queensland and New South Wales.

Even as Australia suffers through a record-breaking heatwave Morrison said the government would continue to explore all power options and would not be deterred by “lots of shouting noises” and instead would listen to “those quiet still voices”.

Due to fire impact the Princes Highway is closed between South Nowra and Lake Conjola. #nswrfs #nswfires

Blackheath: Out of control fires burning at Govetts Leap. This fire spread from the Gospers Mountain fire and crossed the Grose River south of the Bells Line of Road. #NSWfires #7NEWS

While the number of active fires has declined, this map from My Fire Watch shows how many fires are still active across mainland Australia.

The picture shows fire hotspots that are within 0-12 hours old in red, and those that are 12-24 hours old in orange.

My Fire Watch is a project run by a collaboration between Landgate and Edith Cowan University.

Scott Morrison’s visit to bushfire ravaged NSW has divided locals who battled a “fireball” while the prime minister was on holiday in Hawaii.

Morrison today took an aerial tour of the bushland where the Gospers Mountain megafire destroyed dozens of buildings over the weekend, before arriving in Mudgee to meet evacuated residents and NSW Rural Fire Service members.

Morrison spoke with locals staying at the Mudgee Evacuation Centre who were nervously waiting to hear if their homes – saved once already on the weekend – were again about to be in the path of the megafire after it changed direction.

Ilford family John and Nova Cunningham and their three children arrived at the Mudgee Evacuation Centre at 11pm on Saturday.

“There was a fireball that came through, it was this huge roar and that’s when it just hit everybody and we had to leave,” Nova Cunningham told the pool reporters on tour with the PM.

John Cunningham said he thought it was “good” Morrison had visited but felt he shouldn’t have gone on holiday last week.

“I believe everyone is entitled to a holiday, but I think as the voice of the people he probably should have stayed”.

Running Stream farmers Diana, 73, and Keith, 76, Rutter said Morrison shouldn’t have had to cut his holiday short.

“He shouldn’t have come back from holiday early, because he’s going to be needed so much more in the new year,” Diana Rutter said.



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