Price hikes imperil Turkey’s traditional snack simit


A sharp price hike over the past year in sesame seeds and flour, vital ingredients in Turkey’s favourite snack, is threatening the production of the Turkish bagel known as simit, Sözcü daily reported on Monday.

The price of sesame seeds has shot up to 16 lira per kg, from 9 lira, while the price of flour has risen to 3 lira from 1.8 lira recently, Sözcü quoted Ankara regional food chamber chairman Savaş Delibaş as saying.

Meanwhile, the cost of electricity and natural gas has been hindering the production of the country’s street snack and some 64 simit sellers shut down shops in the last year, according to Delibaş.

The level of sales is below that of 15 years ago, despite the dramatic increase in Ankara’s population, Delibaş said, adding that manufacturers were thinking of stopping the production of simit entirely.



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