Unexpected but well-deserved blow for Ali Hasanov


Baku/26.12.19/Turan: The Republican newspaper published an editorial entitled “Boomerang” on December 26, in which it criticized the former assistant to the head of state, Ali Hasanov.

In this extensive material, Hasanov is accused of corruption, betrayal of his colleagues, manipulation of public opinion, the collapse and media sphere of the country.

In particular, he is accused of illegal privatization of the facilities of the former state publishing house “Azerbaijan”, the creation of a private business empire in the form of newspapers, private schools, universities and a television channel.

The author sets out numerous facts of intrigue, betrayal of colleagues and other illegal actions of Hasanov.

The author’s name is not indicated, but judging by the facts presented, this is the editor of the newspaper Respublika Teymur Ahmedov. The author notes that this is the first part of the publication and will be continued.

The appearance of such sensational material may have the most serious consequences for Ali Hasanov and testify to the beginning of his persecution and deprivation of his wealth. An indirect confirmation of this is the recent removal of his son from the leadership of the Khazar TV channel.


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