Universal Pictures cuts ‘Cats’ from its ‘For Your Consideration’ page: report


By Julius Young-Fox News

Universal Pictures is officially wiping its paws of “Cats,” as the studio has reportedly removed the musical from its “For Your Consideration” page that lists the Oscar-qualifying films as well as their screening dates in a number of cities – this according to Variety.

An industry insider told the outlet on Thursday that the whimsical flop is also absent from being featured on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ streaming site, where Academy members can view the golden statue contenders.

“Cats” has been the subject of numerous reports and reviews slamming the film. Many are simply confused by so much that they can’t help but to laugh at the bizarre adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical.

“Westworld” actress Evan Rachel Wood was the latest to bash the star-studded film on Wednesday and didn’t hold back in issuing her honest assessment of the Tom Hooper-helmed project.

“I have to have an actual live reaction of this,” Wood, 32, said in an Instagram story before shouting, “What the f–k! What the f–k! What the f–k!”

Wood continued yelling “What?” into the camera before repeating, “What the f–k. Oh my god!”

The HBO star’s diatribe came after she allegedly picked apart the film in a tweet that has since been deleted.

“…#cats is actually worse than I thought it would be, And I already thought it would be horrible. But….I am actually speechless. Why would you change the choreography? I…am SPEECHLESS. Its not the casts fault. Its…maybe the worst thing I have ever seen. Ever,” she issued to her more than 444,000 followers, according to the Daily Mail.

The film cost a reported $100 million to produce and raked in an abysmal $6.5 million in box office sales its first weekend.

Despite its less-than-stellar showing, the film managed to land a Golden Globe nomination for best original song, for Taylor Swift’s “Beautiful Ghosts.”

Julius is an LA Entertainment Reporter for Fox News.



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