Optimism Reportedly Surges after ‘6-Hour Diab-Bassil Meeting’


Optimism surged Thursday evening regarding the new government following a six-hour meeting between Prime Minister-designate Hassan Diab and Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil, a media report said.

“The government is expected to be formed over the next few days and its members will resemble Hassan Diab, which means that they are independent technocrats who have expertise,” unnamed sources told LBCI television.

“The government will be a salvation government and it will confront the financial and economic difficulties and the draft government line-up is undergoing final touches,” the sources added, noting that the cabinet will not comprise ministers from the outgoing government.

Media reports had earlier said that a final agreement had been reached over the portfolios of Hizbullah and the AMAL Movement while the so-called Druze hurdle was resolved through the selection of a figure that satisfies both the Progressive Socialist Party and MP Talal Arslan,

According to MTV, Diab has also found a solution to the interior portfolio obstacle and will name a Sunni judge or lawyer to the post.

LBCI meanwhile said that there are assurances that the government will be formed before the end of the week and that it would comprise 18 or 20 ministers.

PSP spokesman Saleh Hdaifeh for his part confirmed that “contacts are ongoing” to resolve the Druze obstacle and that a solution might emerge on Thursday afternoon or on Friday.

Source Naharnet


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