King Abdullah slams Erdoğan’s threats to push refugees into Europe


King Abdullah II of Jordan criticised Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s threats to open the gates for migrants to get more financial assistance for refugees residing in Turkey.

“Because we do not threaten Europe by pushing refugees towards Europe. Because we think that is a responsibility that should be taken care of by us in the area,” Jordanian King said during an interview with France24 on Monday.

The European countries have not provided adequate support to Jordan in an effort to host Syrian refugees who makes up to one fifth of the population, he said.

Ankara agreed to curb the flow of migrants to Europe under a 2016 deal with Brussels, in return for billions of euros in aid. But Erdoğan has repeatedly threatened to open the gates of migration to Europe after various disputes with the European countries, latest of which was on lack of international support for Turkey’s planned refugee safe zone in northern Syria.



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