Russian Space Agency Develops Efficient Countermeasures Against Orbital Surveillance


Researchers from the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos found a way to hide sensitive activity on Russian soil from the vigilant eyes of foreign surveillance satellites. The new method suggests shutting down orbital spying in the early stages of the vehicle’s approach toward Russian territory, according to the agency.

“During certain periods of time, when the protected area falls within the observation scope of a spacecraft, it is necessary to ensure that the receiving equipment of the space vehicle is in the direct radio visibility zone for blocking…”, according to Russian Space Systems Corporation, a subsidiary entity within Roscosmos.

Russian engineers proposed the creation of a special set of ground-based radio-electronic stations designed to suppress data transmission from optical, infrared or radar surveillance satellites.

According to the agency, this method of interference can only be used when spy satellites are not flying over their domestic domain, thus making it impossible for them to transmit back images directly.

To guarantee the suspension of satellite communication channels, Russian specialists proposed the use of several ground stations simultaneously.

To implement the project, the authors proposed the creation of a unique database of all known orbital foreign spy devices. This database will further determine the location of ground jamming sectors and a special procedure that will enable the effective jamming of surveillance satellites.

The proposed measure – which could render certain spy features of satellites useless, effectively turning them into space garbage while transiting Russian territories – will allow the observational ground-based network “to detect in real-time”, in the early stages, potentially malicious activity from orbital surveillance vehicles, the agency said.



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