One of detained Anadolu Agency employees in Egypt released


Editor-in-Chief of state-run Anadolu news agency Şenol Kazancı said one of the employees of the agency, who was detained in a police raid in Egypt, was released on Thursday.

Four Anadolu news agency employees detained in a police raid on the agency’s Cairo office on Tuesday. The office workers, including one Turkish citizen, were taken to an undisclosed location after the raid.

“Hilmi Balcı, one of the four employees detained in Egypt, was released. We expect the others to be released on bail,” Kazancı said.

The whereabouts of the three detainees remain unknown, Anadolu said.

Turkey and the international community, including the United States and the United Nations, condemned the arrest and called for the immediate release of Anadolu staffers.

The raid comes amid escalating tensions between Turkey and Egypt, primarily due to Turkey’s close ties with the Islamist Brotherhood movement.

The countries have also taken opposing sides in several regional disputes, including the ongoing Libyan conflict, oil and gas drilling in the East Mediterranean, and the Gulf Crisis in 2017.



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