Spain: Storm Gloria kills 4, disrupts travel


A storm raging through much of eastern Spain has claimed at least four lives, with strong winds and record waves causing many public services to close. Alicante Airport has also been shut, disrupting over 200 flights.

Four people have died as strong winds and heavy snowfall battered parts of Spain on Sunday and Monday, according to officials.

More than 30 Spanish provinces are on high alert and parts of southern France are expecting the poor weather to arrive soon. Valencia on the Mediterranean coast and the Balearic Islands, including Mallorca, bore the brunt of Monday’s storm.

Waves of over 8 meters (26 feet) in height were spotted by port authorities in Valencia on Monday, a new record.

Two people died of hypothermia near Valencia, while in Avila a man died when roof tiles hit his head after they were dislodged by strong winds.

Another man was killed by a vehicle on a snowbound road in Asturias, Reuters news agency reported.

Alicante Airport shuts down

Catalonia’s regional government has banned outdoor activities in Girona and Barcelona, while Alicante Airport has been forced to temporarily close, disrupting more than 200 flights.

Wind speed in parts of eastern Spain reached 115 kilometers per hour on Monday (about 70 miles per hour). Schools and other public services were largely closed.

The storm is not expected to let up until at least Wednesday. Spain has suffered an unusually harsh winter, with several killed at the end of last year in similarly extreme weather.

ed/cmk (Reuters, AFP)



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