Abbas calls for popular resistance to prevent peace plan


Palestinian sources say Abbas received warnings from American officials, saying Palestinian president’s refusal to speak to Trump ‘will carry consequences’

Elior Levy –

During a closed-door meeting with Fatah leadership on Monday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called for an “escalation on all fronts” in popular resistance in an attempt to stop U.S. President Donald Trump’s peace proposal.

“Hard days are ahead of us,” said Abbas. “We must be prepared to face the results of the [Palestinian] objection [to Trump’s peace plan], be as they may.”

“We need to escalate popular resistance on all fronts and recruit the young, not abandon the streets,” said Abbas. “We will stand united in the coming days and examine the position of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. In the coming days, we will be in a state of emergency and we will invite everyone to join us, we need them all.”

Abbas also announced during the meeting that he had informed Egypt that the Palestinian Authority would allow its citizens to express their objection to the so-called Deal of the Century.

Palestinian sources claim that Abbas refused to speak to Trump over the phone.

The sources stated that Abbas informed the members of Fatah’s central committee that he had received warnings from the U.S. administration, threatening he will pay a heavy price for refusing the phone call.


Fatah published on Monday a proclamation stating their position on the U.S. peace deal.

“We do not have to wait for any theatrical declaration of the U.S. government’s position – the main partner in the occupation,” the proclamation said. “The American government is a key partner in the occupation of our lands and expanding the settlements.”

We are in a state of constant self-defense of our land and rights and we will not give in to any pressure, intimidation or temptation doing so.”

Trump’s actions are repugnant and we will resist them with every legitimate measure. Trump’s moves will not find a single Palestinian, who accepts the abolition of their rights and their national project.”

On Monday, Abbas instructed Palestinian security forces not to prevent Palestinians from clashing with IDF troops in the West Bank.

The directive came in advance of a “day of rage” called on Wednesday in response to the Trump peace plan that will be revealed on Tuesday.

On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue & White Chairman Benny Gantz arrived at the White House to hold talks with Trump separately.



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