Pashinyan: semi-presidential system is a system of irresponsible governance


KAPAN, January 28. /ARKA/. The semi-presidential system was a failure for Armenia, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told a news conference today. “We all have seen this in practice. That form of government was a failure for our country,” he said in Kapan, the administrative center of the southern province of Syunik.

After a constitutional referendum in December 2015, Armenia shifted from the semi-presidential form of government to parliamentary republic. According to the new Constitution, the president’s powers are substantially curtailed. He is elected for a term of seven years by the parliament. One and the same person can be elected president only once. The real power passed to the parliamentary majority and the government it formed.

Pashinyan said that immediately after the ‘velvet revolution’ in 2018 May he was offered to quickly restore the semi-presidential system of government, ‘because it places all leverages of power into the hands of the president’, and if problems arise, the president could blame the prime minister for them and fire him/her.

According to Pashinyan, the real leader of the state must never shift responsibility to another person. ‘The failures of our country were the result of this irresponsibility. The semi-presidential system is a system of irresponsible governance,” he stressed.

According to Pashinyan, Armenia must have either a fully parliamentary system of governance or a fully presidential one.

“My opinion is that we should not change the governance system, at least until we make sure that this system is a problem for us. Let’s see what happens. Thank God, everything is all right now, and the main goal of next constitutional changes should be bringing the judicial system in line with today’s political realities,” Pashinyan said.


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