‘We won’t be uprooted’: Mayor says Trump’s plan to make Abu Dis new Palestinian capital ‘not fair or honest’


Mayor of Abu Dis, the small town envisioned as the new Palestinian capital in Donald Trump’s Middle East ‘peace plan,’ told RT that Jerusalem will always be the true capital of Palestine and slammed US president for ignorance.

Trump’s ‘Vision’ for peace, unveiled at the White House on Tuesday, outlines a two-state solution with Jerusalem proper remaining the “undivided capital” of Israel, while a new Palestinian capital could be established east of the city, centering on Abu Dis.

“Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and Abu Dis is only considered as a suburb of Jerusalem,” Ahmed Abu Hilal told RT. “We will not be uprooted from the historic city and we will always be a part of Jerusalem.”

The details of the plan have been met with anger by Palestinians, who took to the streets to protest what they say amounts to a plot between Trump and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to annex more of their land and legitimize Israel’s current occupation of Palestinian territories.

Hilal said true peace will need a “fair and honest” deal and that Trump’s is “neither of those,” adding that the US president’s plan is only about being reelected to another term in the White House.

“He doesn’t know Palestine, he doesn’t know anything. He is just taking care of himself, but doesn’t represent the Palestinian people”

“conceptual map” of what the new Israel-Palestine borders would look like was released in the new plan. The envisioned state of Palestine looks like a hodge-podge of enclaves, almost completely surrounded by Israeli territory, with a tunnel linking Gaza and the West Bank.



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