Fans of Iranian rapper arrested in Turkey demand his release


Fans of Iranian rapper, Amir Tataloo, who was arrested in Turkey earlier this week, have expressed their outrage at his arrest and demanded his release, Canadian Global News reported on Friday.

Turkish police arrested Tataloo, officially named Amirhossein Maghsoudloo, in Fatih, Istanbul on Tuesday upon an Interpol request issued by Tehran.

The Iranian rapper is famous for his controversial lifestyle, which includes criticism of the Iranian government and tattoos.

Fans have launched a petition for his release, which has received more than 140, 000 signatures within 24 hours.

“Under the human rights report in 2019, Iranian courts, and particularly the revolutionary courts, do not provide fair trials and use confessions likely obtained under torture as evidence in court,” the petition says.

“We urge the Turkish government to free him and return his passport and document [sic] back to him as soon as possible. If Turkish government has any evidence against him, he has the right for a fair trial outside Iran for the accusations against him and not within Iran,” it adds.

Fans also supported Tataloo on Twitter and instagram with the slogan #FreeTataloo, saying his arrest was “against human rights” and that he was arrested for “absolutely no reason”.

Bruno Min, Legal and Policy Officer at Fair Trials International, tweeted that Iran has a history of abusing red notices, and casted doubt on whether Interpol had sufficiently checked its filing before issuing the notice.



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