Panel Finalizes Policy Statement, Govt. to Approve It Thursday


The ministerial panel drafting the new government’s Policy Statement completed its task on Monday and a Cabinet session will be held Thursday to approve it, the information minister said.

“There are no tax amendments but the Policy Statement includes taxing and monetary reforms,” Manal Abdul Samad said after the committee finished its last meeting.

Noting that the government does not endorse any leaked draft, the minister said the statement includes “plans for 100 days, 1 year and 3 years,” describing the plans as “clear, targeted and realistic.”

Industry Minister Imad Hoballah meanwhile announced that “the leaked draft differs from what was agreed on today.”

Tourism and Social Affairs Minister Ramzi Msharrafiyeh for his part said that some final touches were put on the draft, noting that the political segment “was not altered.”

“The amendments are not essential and the taxing and inspection measures will target those who were getting exemptions and those who were evading taxes,” Msharrafiyeh added.

An-Nahar newspaper had reported Sunday that the panel has opted to use the same clauses contained in the statement of Saad Hariri’s government regarding “the sensitive political topics related to the resistance and the dissociation policy.”

The bulk of the statement will meanwhile be dedicated to the financial and economic crises.

Parliament is not expected to hold a session to debate the statement before next week.

Source Naharnet


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