Turkey’s population climbs to 83.15 million in 2019


The population of Turkey climbed by 1.15 million people in 2019 to reach more than 83 million, the state statistical institute said on Tuesday.

More than 92 percent of the 83.15 million people in the country live in city and district centres, the new data revealed. The population of Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul, rose by more than 450,000 people to reach 15.5 million.

The data said that 50.2 percent of people in Turkey are men, and that the median age of people in the country had risen from 32 in 2018, to 32.4 last year.

The province with the oldest population in the country was Sinop, a Black Sea province with a median age of 40.8. The youngest was Şanlıurfa in the southeast with a median age of 20.9.

The average retirement age in Turkey has risen from 66.5 in 2007, to 67.8 last year, the data showed.



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