Laura Ingraham calls on Mitt Romney to resign, says she ‘may consider’ opposing him in 4 and a half years


By Victor Garcia-Fox News

Laura Ingraham took aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her demeanor during the State of the Union address and eventually tearing up President Trump’s speech as he concluded before she focused on Utah Senator Mitt Romney who was the only Republican to vote guilty along with Democrats at the Senate impeachment trial.

“Last night, [Pelosi] showed the world who she really is,” Ingraham said on “The Ingraham Angle” Wednesday. “A woman left with little else, but her own sour puss, facial expression and a paper ripping stunt. She let her anger get the best of her, and her white suit didn’t make her look any more angelic. It was the color of surrender.”

Ingraham then called Romney “the ultimate selfish, preening, self-centered politician.”

“If he were up for reelection this year, the people of Utah would have their own payback against him because they were defrauded by Romney. For when he had to choose, he chose [Charles] Schumer and Kamala [Harris] over common sense and conservatism,” Ingraham said. “If you’re one of Romney’s constituents in Utah, you’re out of luck. If you’re a business in need of a regulation reexamined, don’t bother calling his office. He has no power anymore.”

Ingraham brought up Romney’s previous presidential runs saying, “we thought you’d be better for America and the way you repay millions of people, the millions who did vote for you in 2012 is to throw in with the very people who don’t share our goals, who hate us. And by the way, who still hate you.”

“Like all the other bitter ‘Never Trumpers’, he’d rather see the entire American economy go down the drain than give Trump a victory,” Ingraham said.

The host then called on Romney to resign from the Senate and said she’s considering moving to Utah in four years to oppose him.

“Mitt, you made your stand. Now should you should resign. You committed a fraud on the people of Utah, on the Republican Party, on the Constitution, and a thoroughly embarrassed yourself,” Ingraham said. “If I have to move there to run against him in four and a half years, I will.”



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