Watch Syrian Air Defences Intercept Missiles Targeting Damascus


SANA news agency has released footage showing Syrian air defence repel a missile strike on Damascus.

In the video, the Syrian air defence unit is seen firing a missile as flashes are seen in the sky.

Earlier, it was reported that explosions had ben heard in Damascus.

According to SANA, the attack was carried out from the territory of the Golan Heights; it is noted that the Syrian military managed to take down “a number of enemy targets.”

Over the past months, terrorists in Syria have increased the intensity of attacks on settlements in the provinces of Hama, Aleppo, and Latakia. Militant groups are reportedly making unsuccessful attempts to attack the positions of the Syrian government army.

The government forces, in turn, have increased the intensity of their strikes against the terrorists in Syria’s northwest, targeting warehouses, firing positions, and observation posts belonging to the militants.



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