Diab’s Government Wins Parliament Vote of Confidence


Lebanon’s new government won parliament’s vote of confidence on Tuesday, as 63 MPs voted in favor, 20 voted against and one MP abstained.

The MPs of Hizbullah, the Free Patriotic Movement, the AMAL Movement and their allies granted confidence to Hassan Diab’s government as those of al-Mustaqbal Movement, the Progressive Socialist Party and the Lebanese Forces withheld it.

MP Michel Daher of the FPM-led Strong Lebanon bloc meanwhile abstained from voting.

Eighty-four out of 128 MPs attended the session, which was boycotted by several opposition blocs and MPs.

“No matter the number of accusations, this is a cabinet of nonpartisan specialists and our hearts are outside, beating alongside the people,” Diab said told parliament in a speech that preceded the vote.

“The government will carry the demands of the Lebanese and launch the course of salvation,” he pledged.



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