Kurdish losing significance in formal agencies


The Kurdish language is becoming non-existent in formal agencies even though 70 percent of study participants said that they speak Kurdish at home, Bianet said on Tuesday, citing a report by Socio-Political Field Research Center.

The report, titled Study on the Usage of Mother Tongue in Provinces of Eastern and Southeastern Regions, comprised of 5,600 participants over 49 districts in 16 provinces. It showed that 88.1 percent of Kurds resort to Turkish in formal agencies, whereas 11.8 percent stick to their mother tongue.

General coordinator of the research center Yüksel Genç said that at formal agencies, people found it easier to get things done if they spoke in Turkish rather than Kurdish.

In stage agencies, 90.4 percent of men and 85.9 percent of women speak in Turkish, leaving 9.6 percent of men and 13.9 percent of women to speak in Kurdish.

The study also saw that Kurdish was more common among the older generations at formal agencies. Kurdish is also more frequently spoken in municipalities held by the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) and in hospitals.

Nurcan Baysal wrote in Ahval about the Turkish-dominated education playing a great role in diminishing the Kurdish language, and the shame and stigma surrounding it.



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