Armenian investigative committee reveals use of disappearing ink by kindergartens in Yerevan


YEREVAN, February 18. /ARKA/. Armenian Police said acting on a statement by the head of Shengavit administrative district of Yerevan, they checked 21 kindergartens revealing that some of their heads used disappearing ink in documents registering the delivery of food for children.

The Investigative Committee said criminal cases were initiated on placing false information or records into official documents, falsification and issuance of false documents for personal gain.

The preliminary investigation revealed that helium pens were used in five kindergartens. The notes made by them disappeared upon thermal exposure. When checking the kindergartens’ books the investigators found that in many cases, the initial numbers about receiving various types of food products were regularly changed.

Large-scale investigative and judicial actions are underway to clarify all the circumstances.


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