‘What is She Smoking?’ Netizens Furious Over Labour Hopeful Lisa Nandy’s Plan to Abolish Monarchy


The statement came during a live TV debate four days before party members choose their next leader. Keir Stammer, who is regarded as the favourite, said he would keep the monarchy, but wants to see it downsized, while another contender for the post Rebecca Long-Bailey said she would not abolish the monarchy.

Labour leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy has enraged people by saying she would abolish the monarchy should there be a public referendum on the issue. “Well, I’m a democrat, so I would vote to scrap it”, said the 40-year-old noting that the issue is not a priority for Britain, which is now gripped by uncertainty following withdrawal from the European Union.

After that she added: “I quite like to see Queen Meghan at some point”, referring to Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, who stepped down from a senior role in the Royal Family along with her husband Prince Harry.

​Her statements sparked outrage and frustration on social media.

​Some users couldn’t fathom how Ms Nandy’s plan would work

​Others were dissatisfied with her choice of Queen…

​Many users said that they no longer like or won’t vote for Ms Nandy after her statement about the monarchy.

​The Labour Party suffered a crushing defeat during election in December. Many netizens noted that Ms Nandy’s statement will make Labour’s predicament even worse.

​Some even joked that Labour will win an election only after Prince George, who is third in line to the throne becomes King.

​Despite widespread anger there were users who backed Ms Nandy’s position.

​During the TV debate Lisa Nandy and other contenders for the post were asked to name their favourite Labour leader and none of them named the incumbent head Jeremy Corbyn or former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who ran the party between 1994 and 2007.

Incumbent Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn faced calls to resign after Labour showed its worst election performance since the 1930s during a recent poll. The party’s devastating defeat was blamed on Mr Corbyn with MPs saying that voters found it hard to back Jeremy Corbyn and criticised the party’s political programme.

The election of the new Labour leader will start on 21 February. The winner will be revealed on 4 April.



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