Arctic kiss: Two Russian nuclear icebreakers rendezvous in spectacular night-time DRONE FOOTAGE


Two Russian nuclear icebreakers have met up somewhere on the endless white plains of the Arctic Ocean, providing for a sight both spectacular and romantic.

The video, posted by Russia’s nuclear agency Rosatom, showed its Taymyr and Vaygach icebreakers almost touching with their bows, before settling in to “cuddle” side by side.

With the after-dark “coupling” filmed from the air and edited to a smooth soundtrack, some internet users found the scene “erotic.” 

There were other interesting comparisons as well, with one commentator saying that the two massive ships positioned so close to each other resembled “the footwear of the gods.” 

The meeting of the icebreakers is a routine procedure, needed to exchange supplies, cargo and crew between the ships that take lengthy journeys on their own. It rarely happens in view of the cameras, however.

The Taymyr and the Vaygach are two ships of the same, 152-meter-long class of nuclear icebreakers, which can traverse the ice as thick as two meters and operate at extreme temperatures of up to -50 Celsius. They also have shallow draft, allowing them to enter the mouths of major Siberian rivers along the Northern Sea Route.



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