Why Does CEC Forward Complaints to Counties?


Baku / 19.02.20 / Turan: The CEC made another decision to send complaints to the district election commissions (DEC) about violations in the February 9 parliamentary elections.

So, complaints of appeal were sent to the DEC on the 12th Garadag-Binagadi-Yasamal, 46th Shirvan, 51st Gusar, 9th Binagadi Second, 10th Binagadi Third, 86th Ismayilli, 66th Bilasuvar, and 42 Sumgayit Second District. The total number of complaints redirected to the DEC exceeded 40.

Former CEC member, head of the Institute for Democratic Initiatives (IDI) Akif Gurbanov noted the confusion in the work of the CEC with complaints.

“The CEC makes different decisions on the same type of violations. Some complaints are forwarded to the DEC, while others are refused to be taken into consideration as if they were not in compliance with the instructions, and still others because of the deadline for filing a complaint,” Gurbanov said.

The DECs also use various methods when considering: they either require the original materials or refuse to consider under the pretext of expiration of the deadlines. There are also problems in delivering complaints by mail and many of the materials sent from the CEC to the OIC have still not reached the addressee.

According to the expert, all this red tape aims to delay the consideration of complaints for the deadline for submitting applications to the court.

IDI conducts long-term election monitoring.


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