Jumblat Receives ‘Solidarity’ Call from Hariri, Urges Calm after Hamra Standoff


Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat has received a phone call from ex-PM Saad Hariri, who “stressed his solidarity and rejection of today’s provocations against the PSP’s supporters,” the PSP said on Thursday.

Army troops and riot police had earlier separated between supporters of the PSP and the Free Patriotic Movement near the central bank in Hamra during an FPM-organized demo.

“Messages sent via social networking websites led to the tension,” Jumblat told reporters, noting that he had called for calm prior to the demonstration.

“But provocations and counter-provocations led to what happened,” Jumblat lamented.

Addressing supporters, the PSP leader reassured that he was “not in danger” and that he is “under the protection of the army and the Internal Security Forces. Jumblat’s residence in Clemenceau is only a few hundred meters away from the central bank and rumors had claimed that the FPM supporters intended to rally outside his house.

“There is no need for being tense,” Jumblat urged.

Asked whether the Presidency was trying to “besiege” him through the demo, Jumblat dismissed the hypothesis and stressed that “no one can eliminate the other.”

“What’s important is to salvage the economic situation through reform and Arab support,” he added.

Asked whether there are contacts with the Presidency, Jumblat said there is no communication but said he is willing to show positivity for the sake of the country.



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