Shocked Cat Looking in Two Mirrors at Once Has Extreme Self-Awareness


By Ashley Hoffman –  Time

Christina Aguilera once asked in the 1998 song Reflection “when will my reflection show?”

And for a cat staring into two mirrors at once, the answer is now.

A photo of a cat presumably stunned by its own distorted reflection in a circular bathroom mirror and a wall mirror simultaneously has recently got all of the likes on Twitter.

Apparently the internet has endless fondness for this photo, and the magical moment was recently rediscovered. It’s far from new, but it appears to have gotten a powerful boost from Twitter user @pinkafloyda who shared the image on Feb. 17, telling TIME she doesn’t know who the cat belongs to. Perhaps the feline belongs to all of us now. Her post of the image has been liked nearly 400,000 times.

The cat looks quite taken aback by the confrontational experience. In the image, the cat wears a special kind of wide-eyed shocked expression. Everyone is bringing an excellent sense of humor to the photo, including one person who imagines the mirrors as “intrusive thoughts” and “inescapable anxiety” staring back at them.

Of course, checking out confused cats checking out themselves in mirrors is a time-honored pastime.

See the cat see itself clearly in two mirrors below.

This cat is of course not the first.

And cat filters are a completely different story, but kind of the same energy.



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