Fitness tips: a beginner’s guide to online dance classes


Have fun, rewind as much as you need and don’t take yourself too seriously

Sarah Eika Burke

Enjoy dancing without the pressure of a big class. Photograph: Getty Images

Have fun and be patient
Online classes can be done at home without the pressure of being in a big class – so have fun! Rewind as much as you need to get the choreography and movement right, and don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s a learning process: you won’t see immediate results.

Make it a date
Because online classes are done anywhere, there isn’t as much accountability to take classes regularly, so have a friend come over and learn together. At the end of the day, dancing is most fun with other people!

Keep it up
The best way to get the most out of a choreo class is to take it more than one time: just because you took it once, it doesn’t mean you mastered it. It can take multiple run-throughs to understand the movements and build muscle memory. Get to know the choreo so well that you could perform it without looking at the screen. (PS: look at yourself in a mirror. Don’t be shy – you’ll immediately see what needs to improve.)



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