Joanna Krupa, 40, unveils bikini body four months after giving birth: ‘Eight pounds to go!’


By Stephanie Nolasco-Fox News

Joanna Krupa isn’t wasting any time prepping for swimsuit season.

The 40-year-old posted a video on Instagram and TikTok Saturday where she proudly flaunted her bikini body just four months after giving birth to a daughter.

“Good morning! 4 months post pregnancy and I’m finally feeling like there is light at the end of the tunnel and will eventually get my pre pregnancy body back,” the Polish-American model captioned the video.

“I will admit It’s been 5 weeks of some major struggles to get rid of my pregnancy pooch and now thanks to 5 weeks of intense workouts @orangetheory @tracyandersonmethod and lympathic drainage massages by @avilabraziliancontour it’s looking possible and I’m back in my Pre pregnancy bikini,” she continued. “I will be honest and say exercise and eating right is a major key but I can’t believe the huge difference I am seeing from just 2 Brazillian lympathic massage sessions this week . It’s been a true blessing !

“This is not an AD but a post to help motivate other mothers out there that are struggling that sometimes we just need extra help to get our bodies to a healthy state and feeling good about ourselves after carrying a baby for 9 months. I will post before and after photos soon and it is shocking! 8 pounds to go ! #nofilter thank you @julialescova for sharing your massage experience on social media and that how I found @avilabraziliancontour.”

The former “Real Housewives of Miami” star and husband Douglas Nunes welcomed Asha-Leigh Nunes in November 2019.

Krupa previously unveiled her baby bump by posing in a bikini for People magazine.

“I always admired women that [are] pregnant, and to me, it’s such a beautiful moment in a woman’s life,” she told the outlet. “I wanted to make sure it’s captured.”

“Women are like superheroes,” she shared. “The fact our bodies are built to create a little human being is beyond amazing, and I want to embrace that and show that a pregnant woman can still be beautiful, sexy and full of confidence while creating this miracle.”

Back in 2017, Krupa told Fox News she doesn’t mind stirring headlines for her revealing outfits and daring social media posts.

“I think it comes down to being self-confident,” Krupa said at the time. “I think every woman is beautiful in their own way and just has to find something that is beautiful [about] you — your eyes, your eyebrows, your body, your butt — whatever it is I think a woman needs to feel secure with herself.”

Krupa also revealed she wasn’t shy about showing off her body.

“I think that’s the most beautiful thing about being confident — just loving yourself and not caring what everybody else thinks,” she said. “Because you could be Mother Theresa and people are still going to try to find some imperfection.”

Krupa added she feels sexy in all different settings.

“I think when you have your hair and makeup down, and there is good lighting, and you love your outfit — I think that’s when you feel most sexy,” said Krupa. “But I also think [that] when you are working and people are complimenting you that you are doing a good job. Sexiness has its different roles.”



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