Jumblat Criticizes Diab and His Govt. after Default Speech


Progressive Socialist Party leader ex-MP Walid Jumblat on Monday criticized the government and its premier Hassan Diab in connection with the latter’s latest speech.

“What does this government have in store? Its premier did not mention a word about reform, the electricity sector, the protection of industry and the control of legal and illegal border crossings,” Jumblat tweeted.

“He overlooked the coronavirus, the judicial appointments and other issues and voiced ambiguous remarks about debt. The truth is they are trying to spread bankruptcy and take vengeance on a political class through the tools of spite and totalitarianism,” the PSP leader charged.

Diab announced Saturday that Lebanon “will seek to restructure its debts in a manner consistent with the national interest” through negotiations with creditors.

He said that debt restructuring is part of a wider economic rescue plan that seeks to cut state spending and save more than $350 million annually.

Diab also said that downsizing the banking sector is part of the reform plan, assuring foreign donors of Lebanon’s commitment to reforms pledged at a conference dubbed CEDRE in Paris in April 2018.


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