Pencil grasp: How a proper tripod grip aids child development


Daily Sabah- Many experts have said and studies have revealed that learning the correct pencil grasp affects child development positively.

Even the most attentive parents keeping track of their child’s development process may overlook this small yet important detail. The ability to hold a pencil directly impacts the child’s attitude toward learning, academic achievements and motor development.

Learning the correct way to grip a pencil not only provides the child an efficient, effortless hold and greater endurance, but it also improves the child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. On the other hand, holding the pencil incorrectly will stress the child and cause them to tire out quickly.

According to experts, the proper hold is the so-called dynamic “tripod grip” – which is formed by using the thumb, index and middle finger together.

The way children hold objects will vary depending on their age and development stages. The ideal age to learn how to grasp a pencil correctly is 3 years old, studies suggest. The most effective way of teaching the child is through drawing and by generally engaging in artsy activities that will boost their creativity as well. Once the children learn the right grip, they will enjoy improving their newly acquired fine motor skills even further.

To ensure your child can master this three-finger holding technique, it is important to choose the right kind of pencil. Triangular pencils with curved but angular sides have been shown to support this technique and provide an ergonomic grip.


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