Israel’s coronavirus cases rise to 2,495, more in serious condition


The Health Ministry says at least 5,240 COVID-19 tests have been conducted over the past 24 hours thuns resulting in a higher number of new diagnoses; 41 patients in serious condition, while 68 others in moderate

Ynet –

Another 325 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Israel, bringing the country’s total to 2,495, health officials reported Thursday. There has been another increase in the number of serious cases, which have been rising daily.

The number of Israelis who have died from complications resulting from COVID-19 remains at five, with four patients passing away within hours on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Of the latest number, 41are in serious condition, 68 are in moderate condition and 2,315 have light symptoms. At least 66 people have recovered from the illness.

There are 371 people in hospital, 1,265 are being treated at home, 327 are being treated in a specially designated hotel and 466 are awaiting a decision on how they will be treated.

The latest new data shows an increase of 495 new COVID-19 cases in the past 31 hours. The number is in line with health officials’ prediction of a drastic jump in the number of cases as the rate of testing for the virus increases on a daily bases.

One of the two latest fatalities is a 76-year-old man who suffered from serious underlying health conditions. He was hospitalized on Monday at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer in an intensive case unite dedicated to COVID-19 patients.

The second victim is a 87-year-old man from Petah Tikva who was admitted on Tuesday evening to the Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center Bnei Brak with shortness of breath and pneumonia. Health officials say he also suffered from a heart disease.

He tested positive for coronavirus after he had already passed away. The hospital said he had been wheeled into a unit dedicated to coronavirus patients immediately upon his arrival and passed away five hours later.



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