Miss England ’19 Trades In Her Crown For Stethoscope Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic caught Miss England 2019, Bhasha Mukherjee, during a humanitarian trip to India. The outbreak changed her route from travelling in Asia to returning to work in a hospital.

Bhasha Mukherjee, who became Miss England in 2019, returned to her job as an NHS doctor amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. She was participating in a sponsored charity junket in Asia when the disease spread around the globe. Returning home to the United Kingdom to work as a doctor amid the shortage of medical workers was “not a tough decision”, she told Fox News on Tuesday.

Graduating from the University of Nottingham two weeks before receiving her beauty title, she immediately started working at Pilgrim Hospital Boston-Lincolnshire. Then, she was having “a dream summer” packed with travels to different countries as part of her title duties.

“Two or three weeks ago I was hearing about these really long shifts and that my colleagues were covering various parts of the hospital and taking on responsibilities we didn’t have before. I really wanted to join in the task force right away.” Mukherjee said.

Mukherjee received many well-wishes from social media followers and said she is happy to be back in the medical field, adding that “it’s a whole different feeling of being able to sit next to someone, give them that support and to feel needed”.

When finishing her training in two years, the beauty queen winner plans to specialize in family medicine.

Currently, the death toll from coronavirus in the UK is 6,159, according to Johns Hopkins University data. The number of confirmed cases has eclipsed 55,000.



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