Politicians Call for Fewer Climate Protections During Coronavirus Crisis


German politicians have begun calling for industry to be shielded from too much environmental protection during the coronavirus crisis. But corporations aren’t joining the appeal. They managed to turn CO2 reduction into a competitive advantage long ago.

Von Simon HageMartin HesseStefan KaiserJonas SchaibleMichaela Schießl und Gerald Traufetter

There are no longer tens of thousands of young people taking to the streets on Fridays in cities around the world. Climate protests in times of the coronavirus have gotten quieter and more modest. In one video, three young people can be seen shouting from a balcony: “Funds for health care, not for coal!” At the beginning of last week, the clip had 878 views.

That’s nothing compared to the millions of people who showed up for the Fridays for Future demonstrations. But it’s also no reason to despair. “We’re not actively pushing forward right now because the coronavirus is taking up so much space. It wouldn’t really be appropriate,” says Carla Reemtsma, one of the movement’s most prominent activists.

Der Spiegel


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