UK Labour Party Calls for COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Strategy


The calls come ahead of a planned review of the UK’s lockdown measures next week. According to UK media, there is a probability that the government will toughen the lockdown restrictions.

UK Labour party leader Keir Starmer has urged the British government to unveil its exit strategy from the coronavirus lockdown.

“I’m not calling for precise timing, but the strategy. This is incredibly difficult on people and we need to know that plans are in place, and what they are,” Starmer said, as quoted by Reuters.

The Labour leader’s appeal to the government comes as the authorities are scheduled to hold an emergency response meeting, known as COBR, chaired by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

The crunch summit will be dedicated to the coronavirus restrictions across the UK and the necessity to prolong the lockdown measures. However, the formal review on the expedience of the lockdown extension is expected to take place next week.

Earlier this week, the UK government warned that stricter lockdown measures could be implemented following reports that thousands of citizens took to the country’s parks on Saturday. Currently, the government allows citizens to leave their residences for exercise once a day.

The United Kingdom has reported 61,474 coronavirus cases, 7,111 related deaths and 345 recoveries, according to the data provided by Johns Hopkins University as of 9 April, 5:33 am.



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