462 people detained for producing scam medical and healthcare items


Turkish police and gendarmerie’s anti-smuggling and organized crime teams have carried out 288 operations in 65 provinces of Turkey in one month against attempts to produce fake, unauthorized and unhealthy disinfectants, colognes, masks and healthcare products.

The security forces detained 462 people in the operations between March 9 and April 8. Some 192 of the detainees have faced judicial process, while 124 others were punished with administrative proceedings.

A total of 5,925,108 masks, 57,616 meters of 15 ball mask fabrics, 149,305 gloves, 32,749 kilograms of chemical substances, 469,435 various sizes of disinfectants, 38,342 liters of alcohol, 18,475 bottles of cologne, three production machines, 56,687 empty bottles, 302 liter essential oil, 427,000 labels, 37,750 serum caps, 32 balls of rope and 19 balls of wire were seized in these operations.

Some 369 sellers and 467 products, which were evaluated as having exorbitant price increases in the disinfectant, cologne, mask, gloves, dry food and fever measuring item industries, were reported to the Trade Ministry for evaluation on “price gouging” offences.

Hurriyet Daily News


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